Home Staging Consultation

The consultation includes a room-by-room detailed review of structural conditions, color assessments and furniture arrangement. The emphasis during the consultation is placed on identifying needed repairs and items that need to be replaced or removed that may discourage potential buyers from purchasing your home. The homeowner will complete a checklist as the consultant provides the recommendations during the walk through. At the end of the room-by-room evaluation the consultant will assist the seller in prioritizing the needed changes based on their budget. The homeowners will implement the staging plan. This consultation is for both vacant and lived-in homes.

Home Staging Implementation

This service combines the room-by-room consultation with the actual implementation of the staging plan by Home Staging of Indy. A consultant will perform the room-by-room evaluation and then return to present the staging proposal to the homeowner. During the review of the proposal a determination will be made on the extent of the changes that are necessary based on the budget. Once the details of the staging plan have been finalized, a “Staging Day” will be established to achieve the staging plan. Additionally, discussions will take place on what the homeowner will be responsible to complete, if any, prior to the “Staging Day.” This service is for both vacant and lived-in homes.

Redesign, Organization and Curb Appeal

This service is a customized service for those homeowners who would like professional assistance in redesigning and/or organizing their current or future home. If you would like assistance redesigning a room with your current furnishing or organizing your office, basement, etc., we are available to plan and execute. Additionally, if you would like to add curb appeal to your home, we can customize and execute that plan as well. We will work within your budget… No job is too big or too small.

Our Services

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